#MustRead: What PCMs Federal Polytechnic Oko Should Know About 2019 NYSC Mobilization

The list that do come out in the school academic board (@DSA) is not the Senate list…. It is the names of those that have fulfilled the requirements for service and have mobilized in their various dept which in turn have been forwarded to DSA as at that time (which was pasted for correction before been forwarded to NYSC)…

If you have mobilized and you did not see your name, it might be that your dept have not forwarded your name as at that time…. Or might have lost the document (you may verify in that case)

Senate list is the approved names by the NYSC board for service which comes up after those name pasted in school has been corrected and forwarded to them by various schools for approval…. And it is checked online Just do your part by having your name be on the matriculation list (either by regularization/been offered admission), let your name read congratulation (Check Online Here) and as well mobilise in your department.

The rest is now on the school…… Some departments have stopped mobilizing (though they might take another set), but in all, service is all year round so don’t beat yourself up if school made it impossible for you to join the first batch…other batches are there and NYSC have come to stay For those that have not gotten the approval (especially late nov/dec) from jamb for their regularization, just exercise patience as info reaching me is that there was much delay due to inec training and work diverting the staffs attention….Soon it will be out.

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