Nigerian Ladies and Social Media

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Don’t be madly in love because of pictures on social
media ; some light-skinned people are dark in reality.Some
tall people are short in reality….

Some “holy ladies” on social media are “RUNS GIRLS” in
reality,some “Thank God it’s Friday” people actually have no

Some pretty and beautiful ladies on social media are fairly
manageable in reality…

Some people you see,with uploaded pictures of themselves in
flight,actually can’t afford a flight ticket

Some uploaded pictures of food you see on social media,with
captions like “food is bae”, with food items actually prepared
by the girls mothers,and not the girls themselves..

Some fresh skin on social media are dry skin in
reality ; some that are engaged on social media are actually
seriously searching ; while some ‘in a relationship’ are

Some with cat-eyes on social media have goat eyes
in reality ; some who snapped pictures of themselves beside
mansions are actually managing with six friends in one

Some who told you they are going for vigil actually end up
in their boos house ; while some who told you they
can’t date a guy staying in self-contain are themselves
sleeping on
the floor in a “face-me-I-destroy-your-destiny” apartment…

Some “wife-materials” on social media are actually “bed-
materials” in reality ; while some “University of ibadan”
students on social
media are still “jambites” who have written jamb 6 times…

Some GT bank staff on social media are actually “IT”
students in the bank ; while some guys who work in
SHELL or CHEVRON on social media,are keke drivers in

Some “big boys” on social media are “mummy’s boys” in
reality ; while some “humble” guys on social media are
aggressive in reality..

It really feels beautiful when you see people on social
media,all glitz and glamour,looking like they’re actually living
the life ; but everything is not always as it seems

Refuse to dance to the tune of social media

Just be yourself,and listen to your own tune ; it may not be
worth dancing to,to others ; but at least it sounds refreshing
and original,to you

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