Nneka Owalla Wrote a Year Ago About Marriage

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I have observed that most women who claims to be  feminist are Sagas who have developed serious hatred for men may be due to their past experiences with them that they have refused to untie and forget.

Some of such ladies are in marriage, yes!they are married but they still live in pain and bitterness even in their marriage.

Most times you may not know this because they make the highest pretence with the presentation of their husbands and their marriage as the best while secretly they are never happy companion to their husbands mainly because they uphold their hatred for men in their marriage,(their husbands may decide to let peace cos of their particular reasons as we always know”real men don’t let all the cat out of the bag at a time”).

Such women poses the highest destroyer of marriage who disguise themselves as the best counsellor.,how?  They will like you to tell them your problems in your homes  hence convincing you that they will help you solve them(in their minds, sincerely they think they will  but their advice is always destructive because it will come from their past pain from and bad experiences with men). Beware because their advice is always subtly destructive.

Run when they tell you they are married but a feminist because you may not know all they know yet yearn for what they preach which when it’s practicalities come you may not handle it…. Most of them are experts in being a wolf in sheep clothing ,some are experts in handling huddles in odd ways, so run for your dear marriage.

Shun the tumult 0f theirs advice entirely when you observe they yearn for love even in their chants of feminism because you will loose your marriage entirely…

How?  Some of them pose like ladies that don’t need the love of a man to succeed but looking closely at their actions you will observe that they have the highest Achilles heel for men which is hidden and untied because of their past pain secondary to their bad encounter with men hence they indirectly start believing that all men are not the same but their ego will not let them speak positive of men hitherto you hear them talk only the negatives of men(words like”men are bad and evil and they need to learn painful lesson from women “are always their watch word) therefore their advice whenever you tell them the pain your husband has caused will never be to “forgive” rather to “Strike back”and they call you  a goat if you do the previous. Such women also are so Intelligent enough that they must have known  your husband good qualities more than you and yearn for someone like your husband or your husband…..

Remember I said that they have the highest Achilles heel and want for men though they feel that it’s profession and acting out might trample their Ego if not ID(Super ego may be the best word). If you’re not careful they will Confuse you,advice your love away from your man or advice rightly before your man(presenting themselves as best and wise woman before your partner) and ruin your marriage so run for your dear marriage.

 A real upholder of a woman in marriage  does advice before a partner, she calls her to other in a secret arena and remains her secret Positive Pillar.
Real Feminist are ladies who upholds the dignity of women in their respect for men.  They pamper men, sacrifice for men and their marriage while their future and dignity are never tampered with.  They are ladies with constructive intelligence endowed with the virtue of  a wife yet still believes and understand that marriage is a redemptive institution which is blessed with real feminist  who draws a line between respect and love for men and Dignity and greatness of women. She never sees being under a man as pain or slavery but an opportunity to  teach a man. Woman submits to a man because she has something to submit hence her submission makes a man.  How great feminist she will be if she stands before the fellow women to tell how her submission made her man.

A real feminist tramples on  past experiences  and speaks of women in love and humility. A real feminist promotes marriage, forgiveness in marriage and sacrifice in marriage.

A real feminist advice’s constructively to married women  .
A real feminist sees Divorce as the last resort .
 I Love Feminism
I love Men
I love Marriage
I love my husband

I am woman of integrity who believes that sweet homes with uphold  regards for men and women  can exist. Even though it will not be easy, I will promote it.


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