EPIC 2: OhashieriLand…..(Douglas House)

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Ohashierians are Republicans. They detest someone, a mere mortal, being a Lord over them and forcing his will upon them. They had been wondering for sometime how they could consciously allow Okomoko abrogate their historical way of life and arrogate so much power and influence to himself and his family. Such had never happened and they were not ready to continue to allow such iberiberism in their land.

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Other leaders were busy building legacies that would bring much harvests to their land, he was busy erecting idols imported from other lands. He imported and erected one from a place called Arabanko, an idol possessed by a demon called aramara. His sister was the one in charge of offering ‘kaintashi’ (buruntashi in kaikai mixture) to the idol every morning, as a sacrifice of empowerment to be happy and enjoy every arụrụala possible. That was why immorality was prevalent in Erewo.

Okomoko didn’t realize that those who sing your praises before you are the ones who would cast the first stone to crucify you behind your back. Power when not in check eradicates every common sense and sometimes leads to intellectual blindness. He went to Erewo ancestral market, drove out the market women, sacrificed an innocent child to his evil god and brought in unholy women to be dancing naked before the men and children. The elders gathered and placed a curse on him. The people knew what to do. They would wait for him on Omi river and push him off the bridge. *********

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There were contenders, who also wanted to be custodian of the Ikenga. They knew they had a chance, because Okomoko was no longer popular among the people. He was falling from grace because he forgot where the rain began to beat him. He turned his back on those that gave him ladder to climb the iroko. And when they took their ladder back he became desperate. Little did he know that a desperate man makes mortal and irreparable mistakes.

Isemba, Uzodi, Mikaho and Umeara were all training seriously to wrestle the Ikenga from the destructive grip of Okomoko. Isemba and Uzodi had a secret pact of brotherhood. And they had an ally in Meremere, the Onowo, whom Okomoko discarded as insignificant. One dangerous thing with pride is, it makes one challenge his god to a wrestling match.

Nine market nights before the wrestling day, Mgbama came to Okomoko with an information that would change the game plan. Uzodi, the son of Ogbuagu the Lion hunter, had gone to Jujumole, the ugly oracle of Edoma land, to form an alliance. Jujumole, whose face drives away the witches of Edoma that flies by day and who married the beautiful priestess of Oviedo river. Together, they got the endorsement of Gulakia, the native doctor from the Sahara. Who has the power to disappear and reappear.

“I’m not afraid,” Okomoko bragged. “I will show them why my father’s name is Inkumbe. I’m Okomoko, the son of Nganga of Akwoka. These talkingsees, seeingsees and lyingsees are the Pharisees that are bound to fail. Mbaugwu must succeed me, whether they like it or not.”

He looked around and saw his obedient servant. “Mbaugwu,” he called, “prepare yams and cassava, share them to the people. They must be on our side. Don’t forget ude-aki.”

The battle line was drawn between perpetuity and liberation. Okomoko’s camp believed in the power of the Ikenga in their hand. The other contestants believed in the power of a public displeasure with the incumbent. Mbaugwu went about sharing yam and cassava, and anointing people with ude-aki. The people collected the gifts, because to them, it was part of recovering their common wealth. At the end of the day, they knew what to do when they get to the bridge.

To Be Continued….Douglas House!

Written by Kelechi Onuoha. ©’19.

AUTHOR’S DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional reality. All the characters are fictitious.

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