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By Comr. Ngwu Victor Chinonso

It is no longer a news that Governor of Anambra state Willie Obiano has given quit notice to Okada riders in Onitsha and Awka metropolis, this decision has attracted many questions and reactions by people including me so i decided to make my own input concerning the declaration.

Stopping Okada riders in Anambra metropolis is never a bad decision by the governor because people who resides within these axis will bear witness the type of accident and crimes that usually occurs within these axis and the gospel truth is that these accident were caused mostly by some reckless Okada riders who have lost the value of life and will determine to overtake a trailer in motion.

Awka and Onitsha is a busy area though this decision will render some people jobless but with time people will get to appreciate it.

Okada riders

Every development that will occur in any state must affect some people  just like in Enugu State when such declaration was made people were never happy with it but go to Enugu now they have realized that the then governor was only trying to enhance development in the state.

NOW SEE WHERE THE PROBLEM IS. the problem is not stopping Okada riders but the issue is what efforts has the governor made in creating jobs for these Okada riders?  do you know how many children that will be sent out of school and how many homes that will be render jobless. All these should be put in considerations before planning of Okada stoppage. I have written to The Nation and Vanguard newspapers and made some copies to the table of Anambra state commissioner for information , if you are touched with the situation of these Okada riders please share this post, it may go a long way in providing solution for these Okada people.

Gov Willie

WILLIE OBIANO you must do the needful, stopping Okada riders without creating jobs for them is just like promoting crimes within these axis. Remember its this same Okada people that made your second tenure successful ,you have to act fast and address this issue before it get out of hand . Thank you . IF YOU FEEL FOR THESE OKADA RIDERS,SHARE THIS TILL IT GET TO THE APPROPRIATE BODIES.

Comr Victor Chinonso is a certified journalist.
A graduate of Federal polytechnic Oko,Anambra state.
He studied Mass Communication.
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