#OkoPolySUGElection: What the students should know before they cast their votes on 17th Aug!

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The tale of Aluta struggle and student’s unionism in federal polytechnic Oko; the acclaimed polytechnic Oko of the moment has taken a new dimension in the recent years.

Notwithstanding the influence and interest of some high profiled individuals in the students union politics, students has always been give the right to choose their leaders without fear or favor.

All thanks to the director of the students affair, DSA, Ven. Dr. Chukwudi Osondu for setting the standard and always keeping to it once it concerns the students welfare, wellbeing and politics.

The last election which brought Giant Comrade Akuche Izuchukwu; the immediate past SUG president is evident of good and non students politics partisanship by the director of students affair, DSA.

History is about to repeat again in the polytechnic as the students would be stepping out on 17th August, 2019 to choose their leaders for the 2017/2018 academic session.

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Though the election has been delayed due to some reasons but remember the old saying “It’s better late than Never”.

On this note, the students are advised to be very skeptical in choosing their leaders. Do not vote because he is your faculty guy, departmental guy, course mate or otherwise; you may choose wrongly judging by the above criteria. Vote the competent and most qualified!

Students, as a matter of fact should vote those who they would be able to hold accountable for their actions and inactions during service.

As a former member of the union, I want to recommend this guy called HumbleKing. Those that know me personally should know that I don’t play partisan politics. I say things the way I see them.

I am recommending him because I have chatted with him and have seen his burning desire to speak for the voiceless and stand for faceless students. He is ready to cry your cry and bear your burden. VOTE HIM!

Humble King, our King! (Meet Humble King)

Anaemena Kingsley U, popular as HUMBLEKING on campus hails from Ifite Awkuzu Ibilibeogada, Oyi LGA, Anambra state. His 3Ts Agenda for the students incmude; Time, Talents & Treasures

“We indeed aspire to achieve a positive difference in the Student’s leadership by making effective use of our 3Tz(Time, Talents & Treasures)” he said.

Speaking on his interest for the students welfare, Humbleking said that he is ready to work with the director of Medical and HOD revenue unit to reduce the stress students are being subjected to during medical clearance and invoice generations, respectively.

Humbleking is also interested in the reduction of the high cost of lodges off campus. According to him, “an average student who do not have one hundred and seventy(170,000) thousand as an annual rent to off-campus Land Lords deserves an affordable subsidized Student Union Government Hostel (male); this would lighten the accommodation burden of the students and also serve as equitable source of revenue to the well being of the school system”. He pointed out.

You can agree with me that there is no standard rest room in the polytechnic meant for student’s use. Humbleking has assured the students of an MODERN CAMPUS RESTROOMS and renovation of the school general restrooms for convenience and to ease the students and staffs.

“Working swiftly with various agencies such as SERVICOM, Anti-cult squad, Anti Corruption and Transparency Unit (ACTU), Student Anti-Corruption Vanguard etc.. to combat insecurity, extortion and high rate of textbooks is also our major concern”.

“An effective and cooperative work with the school management towards ensuring expansion in the school Bookshop is very vital. There is need to site a new branch of the school bookshop to extension/perm site. More staffs should be deployed to various branches of the school bookshop to ensure quick attentions and convenience in delivery of service to the students and other polytechnic members as and when due” he highlighted.

“By God’s grace; with great sense of diplomacy to work, effective dialogues and consultations, we believe to achieve a positive difference in the Student’s leadership, within the limited time.
YES WE CAN do all things through God” Humbleking.

From the foregoing, students need not be confused towards choosing their president. The evidence is clear. Nobody could bear the burden of the students than Humbleking. Do not do the mistakes of 1970, Vote Humbleking as President, SUG, 2019.

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