On The Verge of Death: Insecurity On Campus, The Fedpoly Oko Situation and Way Forward

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By Justice Winner and Udeze Ekene
Generally, maintenance of on-campus security has been a major challenge which has received below par attention from management. Security threats to campuses are either from internal sources or external sources. It should be noted that no educational institution in Nigeria is free from security challenges, but these challenges vary and have several predisposing factors and it’s negative effects on the students and management at large.
A visit to some lodges revealed that some of them bore gates which offered more aesthetic than security functions as they inveterately were easily accessible by anybody with paucity of control. In most lodges armed robbers just stroll in or drive through the gates and unleash mayhem on unsuspecting students on campus, in night class and along walk ways. HND 1 student of Business Administration Management said “Recently there have been a lot of robbery incidence going on in our school environment and this is highly dangerous, and nobody seems to be talking about it, Amaokpala have been their soft targets and regarding the number of people within this area, this pose a very big challenge and calls for immediate intervention from the management”.


The Students of federal polytechnic oko, are on the verge of embarking on a Protest over Security challenges that have consistently been a threat.
The students of federal polytechnic oko campus have been harassed occasionally by miscreants and robbers. Within the month of September, robbers has  raided several lodges within Amaokpala and it’s environs, these lodges are populated because of number of the students receiving their lectures at the school perm site . The students have decried this turn of events, and are embittered by the activities of these hoodlums.
Students have lamented about the porosity of the school security owing to the fact that the school Anti Cult Squad are not regularly on patrol within Amaokpala especially at night. Speaking on this, a student who resides in Victory Lodge Amaokpala who prefers anonymity said “the school anti cult has limited their functionality to the school main gate and it’s environs, neglecting to extend their operations to us at perm site and Amaokpala new road precisely”.
Another student who prefers anonymity stated that “ living in any lodge within Amaokpala now is difficult, one has to stay indoors, in order not to be in harms way”
A student who simply identified himself as Cherechi expressed his dissatisfaction on the school management. According to him, “Victory lodge was attacked by some group of guys on 29th sept around 9:30pm and shot a guy in his one leg”.
The victim of the victory lodge incident who identified himself as Chukwuma Michael HND 1 student of BAM has decried his ill fate.
According to him, “On 29th of sept around 9:30pm, I had a knock on my door and on opening my door, I was surrendered with a gun by some group of guys who took my phone and some valuables and asked me to be knocking on other of my lodge mates door so they can penetrate and rob them. I refused to be used to rob others and was shot in my  leg and since then been receiving treatment in the school medical. Though the bullets are still on my legs and I have been discharged from the school medical, my legs still hots me. I cry to the school management to come to my aid and also, I have been missing out in the ongoing semester quiz.
According to information available to us, a girl who  simply identified herself as Vera from the department of Banking and Finance  has been shot in both legs and tommy on 3rd October around 8:00pm opp.Total Filling Station . According to her ‘we have 3 quiz on that day and one of the quiz was scheduled to hold by 4pm and because my house is far from school, I decided to carry some of my cloths to my friends house so I don’t miss the quiz. The quiz ended around 6pm and I returned to my friends lodge to pick my luggage and go but unfortunately, it started  raining so I have to wait for the rain to stop before I could go”.
Immediately after the rain subsided, I left for my lodge but on getting to Gaius Bentten, a guy tapped me from back and was on call. I turned to see who touched me but the guy turned his back on me and was still making call. I turned and started moving towards total which was my initial direction and the guy tapped me again and this time I was very angry and start questioning why he is touching me. We were still dragging this before another guy came from nowhere and said ‘Yes she is the one,give me your bag’ and started dragging my bag with me.
He over powered me and took the bag which contains the new textbooks I Bought that day,#2500 and my android phone and started running. I was short of words and started screaming, thief! thief!! thief!!! And a guy who has been observing us from the opposite approached me and said ‘so you are the girl that has been dragging bag with us? And he brought out something from his cloth and shot me. I was crying and shouting for help but because it was raining and the gun shot was very loud those in sight started running for their dear life and the boys that attacked me picked race’.

The Way Forward:

•√ The security outfit should re-engineer their operation. The act of confining themselves within the school premises in the day time should be looked into because the activities of these hoodlums normally takes place in the night and not day time.
•√ The management should sit up to tackle the menace because it’s taking dimension that may one day result to kidnapping students and lecturers as well
•√ Areas prone to criminal activities should be under surveillance. Also, there should be regular patrols within all areas of campus and environs
•√ The Anti Cult Squad and other security agencies should ensure effective policing of the environs of the polytechnic
•√ There should be swift response from the security unit. Emergency numbers to call and report suspicious or criminal activity should be on display at strategic areas of the campus.
•√ Street lighting and installation of Close Circuit television (CCTV) Cameras around hostels, classrooms and other strategic points(e.g points of access)
•√ Orientation and positive public enlightenment should be employed; students should be abreast of safety precautions both within and outside campus, periodic security drills should also be adopted.
•√ Our Institutions should enforce the use of Identity cards by all members of the university community (I.e staff, students, business vendors and service providers and visitors). In order to identify every person on campus at any point in time.
•√ Finally, the student union government should reach out to the victims of these gun shots . Their health states are so bad and as such requires intensive care.

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