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*Dear Yusuf Buhari,*

I wish you well and safe Recovery but when you come back,  Take your time and ponder on the following.

A Thread!

A man lost his wife yesterday during an emergency, The reason was that he couldn’t get to the Hospital early enough was because of Fuel.. That woman is also someone’s daughter. The Fuel Crisis has been lingering for 3weeks now.

Your father has sat at home drinking kunu and doing absolutely nothing about it. He doesn’t even care,  To him,  He is not even aware.

Today,  You are the son of a Rich man who had only N1m in his account as at 2014 but 3years later,  You had so much money to buy and own a $1m(N365m) Harley Davidson Limited Edition Bike but your father plunged us into a neck deep Recession and the greatest of inflations ever.

Our people are suffering but you have joined the N30 Billion Gang,  Please use that money and start up an NGO and help Nigerians.

Your Father as President has approved over N10B on the Aso Rock Medical Center from the 2014,2015 and 2016 budget. Cedarrest Hospital where you were rushed to is the orthopaedic Hospital in Abuja.
Imagine If there was none in Abuja,  You would have died because it was an emergency.

Your father and his goons blew away over N10B for Adoption Rock Medical Center which your sister had once complained that they couldn’t find ordinary paracetamol there.

Is your dad no longer the incorruptible?

Over N4B has already been earmarked for same Hospital in 2018 yet there are no facilities there and that is why you have been flown to Germany.

We are not even asking your father to fix the hospitals in Nigeria as Nigeria would fix him in 2019 but at least let him take care of his Family and that of his staff.

Wetin carry you go dey do bike Racing with craze people children?

Reuben Abati once talked about the ghosts in Aso Rock, Just like we on the outside talk about our village people.

Are they the ones that pushed you into it??

Get well soon Brother.
So you can be charged to the Mobile Court by The FRSC and VIO for over speeding.
As well as provide evidence of the source of your income to prove how you legitimately made the one million dollars that you lavished on a power bike.

Thanks in anticipation.
From concerns Nigerians.

Usman Bello

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