Operation Vote out Bad Government: 2Baba in conjunction with other groups to lead a nation wide voter registration sensitization

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On February 6, 2017, citizens in these locations – Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Uyo, Port-Harcourt, Enugu, Benin and London – took to the streets to protest the failings of the Buhari administration around 10 key areas of concern: security, education, health, power, unemployment, high cost of living, social justice, transparency, cost of government and patriotism.

Demands were made on 5 of these 10 issues, namely: 1. Transparency in all tiers of government 2. Security 3. Cost of Government 4. Social Justice & Corruption 5. Power.

The VP, Prof Osinbajo, who was the acting president at that time issued a statement THE SAME DAY stating among others that “WE HEARD YOU LOUD AND CLEAR” (http://www.nan.ng/news/osinbajo-protesters-heard-loud-clear/)

It’s almost one year after and citizens are hitting the streets again, howbeit with a different approach and message!

We can not engage political parties on candidate selection or participate in the electoral process without a voter’s card!

Instead of protesting against the government, we will be coordinating a mass voter mobilization drive to encourage citizens to REGISTER, GET THEIR PVC’s and VOTE!.

Our goal is to educate citizens on the process of REGISTERing to SELECT credible candidates, VOTING on election day and PROTECTing their votes!

So far, it is scheduled to hold in the following states: Lagos, Abuja, Benin, Kano, Abeokuta, Uyo, Lokoja, Calabar, Awka, Bauchi (our goal is to hold it across 24 states!)

Don’t be left out. Date is Friday, February 16, 2018

For more information visit http://onevoice.ng/ Plan to participate.

Your Vote, Your Voice!

Powered by Enough is Enough Nigeria. Partners include: Nigeria First, 2Baba’s foundation, YIAGA,Recliam Naija, CITAD, Connected Development.


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