Parlous State of Security

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Crime and criminality is everyday escalating in our nation,state, Nigeria.  Ranges of gory tales everyday waked us up every morning. Nigerians cannot sleep again with their two eyes closed. Almost all the national dailies of Nigeria Newspapers have created a special page called ‘crime and criminality’ . the agonising part of this page is that it contains news more than other paged of the dailies.

It is either armed robbery or kidnapping, rape or murder, rituals,cyber crimes,419 and other pilferages. Though the above stated is crime of the poor masses whom mist if them when caught by security agencies point the cause to unemployment and hard times. Looking at the skyrocketing cost of foods and high rate of education, no money and most people eating 001 everyday, there naturally ought to be increase in crime rate. Our politicians are not excluded in this crime scene. Most of the assassination are carried out for them by assassins.

Their looting if our national treasury is as well as crime and criminality. The gimmicks is that while the poor criminology are seen everywhere because of hunger. The looters are the causes of these high crime rates in the nation.

Popular Christian musician Chika Okpara will always say ” Nigeria come back”. Our politician need to come back to their senses, and have a rethink, for the good of all.

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