UPDATED:”He is corrupt and should be sanctioned…….” -Vice President, SUG

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Reacting to yesterday’s clash between the SUG President and the examination invigilator, the vice president of the union,Comr. Nwafor Chukwube expressed her dissatisfaction over the action of the examination invigilator towards the giant comrade.

According to her when asked to give an eye witness account of the incidence she said, ‘I can’t lie to you that I did not witness the incidence because I do, though I was inside the examination hall when Giant comrade’s department were called upon by the invigilator in charge to enter the examination hall for their exam’.

Still speaking on what happened after giant comrade’s course mates had entered for their examination, the vice president said that giant comrade walked in quietly and sat for his examination but unfortunately the invigilator asked him to stand up from where he sat to another position which he did quietly but the invigilator who did not specify any sit for him to move to went to where the giant comrade has relocated to and started dragging him to leave the sit.

According to her, the giant comrade reacted gently by telling the invigilator not to drag him but he should direct him on where next to sit down but the invigilator who was too furious couldn’t help but to raise his hand and slapped our giant comrade who without waste of time returned the slap to him and immediately, the school anti cult intervened and took the invigilator to their office for interrogation and proper investigation.

Speaking on the nature of giant comrade, the VP said ‘ he is someone who is very respectful and responsible’ and that if not for his well reserved manner towards arresting such situations, there would have been a breakdown of law and order in the institution yesterday.

Speaking on her previous encounter with the invigilator in question,the union VP said’ He is a corrupt man and should be sanctioned and if possible, suspended from supervising in the examination hall because he lack tolerance and self discipline to handle students who are the reason why he is staffed in the polytechnic.

 According to her, there has been several occasions where he would wrongfully stand a student up in the examination hall with the ulterior motive of extorting money from the student before he would allow him/her to proceed with the exam.

The student union government vice president attributed the ugly incidence to Rector’s absence in the polytechnic. According to her ‘such thing wouldn’t have happened had it been our rector Prof.Godwin Onu is on sit because him he will never take such insolence.

 On this note, she advised the students of the digital polytechnic to be calm and promised that the union would do anything constitutionally within their jurisdiction to make sure that the invigilator is brought to book and so it could serve as a warning to other derailing staffs.


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