Philosophy:The Chief Corner Stone- MC Utong

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Philosophy is the chief corner stone in which our individual lives are built. It is the basic that form the foundation of our very existence.

Everything that goes on in the human mind in form of idea, thought and information has the potential of influencing our habits and behaviour.

So if you see a-suppose-to-be-promising youngman with a recalcitrant behaviour, or a fair face lady with some indiscriminate attitude, just know that it is their philosophy, that is, their thinking drawn from their conclusions that has made them behave so.

So the very first step to changing our poor habits is working on our individual philosophies, our individual thinking. Somebody asked me why start from our thinking?

And I retorted and said, because change start from the inside. You cannot change your life for the better if you don’t change your thinking for the better. And most importantly, you cannot change your bad habits without first formatting your bad thinking. Stay positive

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