The Power of the Person Next to You- M C Utong

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One basic factor that will determine the success of your future is the person next to you.

See, I tell you, your friends will determine the outcome of your life whether true or false. They will determine how you speak, how you dress, how you act and react, and a lot more.

If you’re not finding uniqueness in the lifestyle that you lead, the first point of call, is to check or access yourself to know the voice or voices that speak daily to your life. If it isn’t good enough, change it.

And I challenge you, because you can change! We must take personal responsibility. We cannot change the seasons, we cannot change the rain, we cannot change the sunshine and the direction of the wind. But we have the power to change ourselves and our lives. If you stay with five fools, you will make them six whether voluntary or involuntary.

So the first communication is communication with yourself and ask yourself the following questions. What do my friends got me saying? What do my friends got me doing? What do my friends got me reading? And most importantly, what do they got me becoming? If you’re not satisfy with the answers, you better take a stance, for this is your life

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