#Poem: ‘IN A BACKWARD COMMUNITY’ Geleo Covenant

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In a backward community

Neat Dirtiness rules

Productive laziness reigns

Stubborn indigenes floating on illiteracy and poverty.

In a backward community

Vandalism their occupation …and darkness their reward

They cow themselves in ignorance

Weak and abusive education

In a backward community

Proprietors misappropriate literacy

Teachers teach English in hausa

Abusing the system and students therein

In a cow-filled community

Strangers are cowed in a faulty system.

In a backward community

Humans act like cows Cows act like humans

Irony of an inglorious system

Who am I to fault a faulty system?

Yes, the power I lack.

In a backward community

Struggling and smuggling daily

We are struck by coincidence Who brought us here? Hustlers? No smugglers In a backward community We are uncomfortably happy Dying and smiling in a dilapidated lodge None cares about our ordeal Can we deal with our ordeal? Can we take a flight out of our plight?

In a backward community

We are happily sad

The earth hears our heartbeat

Can we escape this backwardness?

Yes, relocation is the ultimate. T

hey are highly backward

None desires change

Who will bring this change?

Thanks for reading!!!!

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