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Recall that Mr Buhari on wednesday, 18th April 2018, was quoted by The Cable during a panel appearance with world leaders at the Commonwealth Business Forum in London that “Nigerian Youths are lazy and irresponsible”

It is based on the above assertion by the president that I, Chief Executive Officer of Winner’s Media Concept and Founder, Winner’s Foundation, write to set the records clear. To inform the general public that I don’t belong to the class of the Nigerian Youths PMB tagged lazy and irresponsible.

I am a Nigerian student and as a matter of emphasis, life on campus has never been frienfly. I know how hard it has been to survive in school. I want to categorically state that it takes a lot of hard work and courage to excel in school.

The Buhari led federal government administration has no means of encouraging us. The First Class and Distinction students are lavishing in their struggle to earn a living. No incentives to encourage students work harder other governments pay their students monthly.

As a student, I work hard to survive and with help of family and love ones, God has been faithful since 2013 till date. I do assignments for my mates, i write freelance stories, I deal with bulksms, am a blogger and a unionist. All these, I do, just to survive in school, am I a lazy youth? No!

Mr. President, I don’t want to write further but i put it to Nigerian youths to do so with their PV come 2019 general elections. Let them show you their level of unproductiveness and laziness at the polls.


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