Reasons Why Most Students Missed their Exams Today in Federal polytechnic Oko and the Way Forward

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Recall that the school management of federal polytechnic Oko had on Friday,8th June,2018 released a timetable informing her students of Monday’s exam schedule.

In agreement to the management’s exam notification, the spokesperson of the students union government, Comrade N.I Victor(Public Relations Officer, SUG) through various platforms and social media handles employed the students to return to school against monday exams and let it be that the exams did not hold as scheduled than missing their exams entirely.
Also,the students union government president, Giant Comrade Akuche Izuchukwu who received an honorary award during the occasion of the union’s bar association first semester call to bar and award giving ceremony held on Saturday during his speech made it clear to the students that exams will hold on Monday not minding whose ox is being gored.
New exam timetable
To cap it all, Winnerz Blog Team has been on every departmental whatsapp group, all Federal polytechnic Oko social media handlers in a bid for students not to miss their exams but the reverse was the case.
Many students treated all the updates with undeniable triviality and as less important. Winnerz blog team received several abuse by some ill willed students who are simply deformed because when one is not informed, he is deformed and cannot perform.
It is unfortunate and regrettable to say that the students of federal polytechnic Oko who are envy of other students in other institutions don’t know what is official communication flow order. They are so misled that they don’t know the information/office to be held with high esteem.
Our dear students prefer to work with misinformation being pioneered and sponsored by ‘some’ on campus students who are simply seeking for cheap attention and popularity.
A student who eventually missed today’s exam called me on Sunday morning, he resides in Aba precisely. He asked me, ‘Winner Are you sure this exam will hold on monday?’ I told him yes! but he went further to argue what people are sharing in various WhatsApp groups and I hanged up the call. Many others like that who missed their exams!
Little wonder, Sis Chinyere Udoma in one of her songs exclaimed! “Whose report shall we believe? Is it that of the world or of the Master Jesus? Permit me to put it to Fed poly Oko students, whose report shall you believe? Is it that of the attention seekers or the SUG who you gave your mandate? Make the decision by yourself.

The Way Forward

There is a lot of reports coming in from all sources about ASUP strike and Exams Update. But whose will you believe dear students?

To avoid the reoccurrence of what happened on Monday morning, a situation whereby many students missed their exams, the students have a greater role to play.
The students of Federal polytechnic Oko have to know that the  office of the public relations officer, student’s union government federal polytechnic Oko in partnership with Winnerz Blog is the only link between the students and every other body in the institution. The earlier our  students realised this and discard every other misleading channels of information, is the better they will help SUG communicate to them.
SUG Officials
Again, our students are to know that the Prof. Godwin Onu (Former Rector,FPO) led school management/administration has come and gone. The Acting Rector of federal polytechnic Oko, Prof. Izuchukwu Onu is a no nonsense man who doesn’t play with time and schedules.
Recall the controversy which mounted the institution’s last matriculation held on march. Many students predicted that the matriculation will not hold, but what later happened? And today’s Monday examination is another force to reckon with in the history of our school,FPO.
Change they say is constant and this the change our dear students have to accept and live with.
Long Live Federal polytechnic Oko, Long Live Students union government, Long Live FPO students, Long Live Winnerz blog
Long Live all my distinguished readers.

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