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No man achieves great things without first having a hold on his TIME.

When you see old men doing menial jobs like carrying of goods for people in the market, pushing wheelbarrows, low key masons, bus helpers(conductors) etc what comes to your mind.

Every old man was a young man yesterday so the difference is how they SPENT their TIME.

Life is governed by laws and one of such is the LAW of TIME which stipulate that you have a particular time to spend here so it is good if you make good use of it(time).

Where you are today is based on how you spend your time yesterday so to have a different life tomorrow, start today to make good use of the time you have.

Blaming people for everything that has happened to you is foolishness in the highest level.

Take advantage of the life and time God had given you to better yourself to go far in life.

Don’t live anyhow and expect greatness.

You have to be serious and intentional about your life.

Great men and women are people who knew the importance of TIME and use it to their advantage not every man is colonel Sanders who started at age 66 or Moses who led the children of Israel at 80.

Young men and women in this 21st age stand up and plan your life.

You will not live long enough to correct all the mistakes you will make.

Don’t wait until things get out of hands before you will sit up and be serious with your TIME.

If you want to know a person heading somewhere, check how he or her spend or utilize their TIME

Know the friends to keep!
Foods to eat!
Things to think about!
Environment to be!
Business to go into etc

To your greatness
Here for YOU

Favour Whyte
Personal development coach, writer and inspirational speaker

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