#ShortPoem: Return Return Oh Ndi Igbo

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Return return
Oh Ndi Igbo
Return return
that it may be well with you
After deviating from the truth
of your noble progenitors
Going after a strange culture
imposed by lying vultures

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They are scavengers
putting your survival in sure danger
Why did you turn
away from your gods?

Now your confusion is a thorn
piercing your existence like a hot rod
You abandoned your religion
now you’re scattered in all region

There is confusion
flooding like erosion
eroding our history as a nation
You may not believe it
You may not accept it

But the reality is
we are confused
mentally enslaved
For we were brainwashed
We’re missing the link
that would unite our past
with our future at last

Our religion, language and culture
are facing gradual erasure
Yet we pretend
like everything
is as we intend

We live in a web of lies
watching as our heritage dies
Just one salvation is left
to return ourselves
to the origin of our lives

Omenala is peace
when we’re humble to appease
The gods of our land
are seeking our hands
to build our land

Once again brethren
the vultures are gathering
I hear them ordering
“Igbos, Igbos, our problem”

Emee ngwa ngwa
emeghara ọdachi
Return return
Oh Ndi Igbo
Return return.

By Kelechi Onuoha.

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