#Revealed: The Secret of Life

What I am about to tell you is older than you. So pay attention for I am about to change your own life forever.

It was Descartes that started it all, he made one of the most dangerous statement of all time , he said ,” I think ,therefore I am” .

When humanity understands the gravity of that statement, there would be a mad shift in civilization more than we have very seen before. Humanity keeps studying EFFECTS BUT I HAVE ONLY SEEN FEW MEN WHO UNDERSTANDS THE CAUSES OF EVENTS.

The power of thoughts has been underestimated and for the past 6 years I have devoted my entire life to study how thoughts can shape our reality ,

I really wanted to know why some could touch the supernatural;I mean seemingly impossible,while some could become madly successful and others will forever struggle never touching much.

Now, listen, man is a spirit and he can connect with his “essence” by conditioning his thoughts to a particular direction , when a man begins to stay on thought ,brooding over it, the thoughts gain momentum and begins to mold his reality.

He now sees the world from his “deception”-because his thoughts are things making up his reality. Actually we all don’t live reality, we live our own deception, we are all immersed in our thoughts thinking it is reality. Modern science now agree with eastern philosophies that thoughts create form which is our reality.

In short we have now discovered that the human thought travels about 930,000 times more faster than the speed of light and sound. And like I said ,we don’t see the world as it is, we see the world as we think it is. This truth will radically alter your destiny if you believe it.

Our conscious or unconscious thoughts are so powerful that they will so control every bit of our lives, so that is why I read a lot, so I can think like the past giants, build on their ideas and grow more than them.

When a thought is repeated several times, and it becomes the centre of attention by the conscious mind, the subconscious mind picks the thought up and immediately acts on it. Notably , your innermost DESIRES sends signals out to the universe and begins to make sure your deepest desires come to pass. With every careless and careful thought, you’re already in the process of creation the physical form of your thought.

Constant repetition of the same idea to the mind cause the subconscious mind to pick it up and translate it to reality. So that is why you are always told to write out your goals and read it daily because once your higher self picks up the same repeated self, it begins to direct you and even instruct on how to get to where you want to go if you pay attention to it. your higher self knows it all and when you make him the lead ,he will constantly lead you.

You’re enough.



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