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REVIEWER: Nnadume Gabriel C.

You really did a wonderful work in your new book “Broken” and I pray for more wisdom and courage upon you, to continue being a source of knowledge to the society. 

Having read your work, I will like to make few points as thus. 
1. It is known to every sane person that one cannot come and dictate to another how to handle one’s property. This particular assertion is in respect to where you wrote that the students expected the union to speak on there behalf in house rents. That can be achieved if the school have some property inventors registered with the school authorities and not with an independent private owner of an apartment that passed through some hurdles just to build his apartment that the union will tell the rate at which they should fix their apartments. 

2. About the insubordination of a personal assistant to an elected official, I must say that the  said executive members got what they bargained for because when one failed to stop a tyrant, the tyrant will come back to dictate one’s life and activities. In so many occasions, I personally complained to the executive members on the level of their nonchalant attitude towards the activities of the said personal assistant and the need cum how to stop him but none of them showed concern about it. The hight of it all is that I educated the union assistant secretary on how to stop the excess power been exhibited by the personal assistant with a court suit since he is a student’s barrister, yet the assistant secretary was not able to do that. So, as the Igbo adage goes ‘he who fetches firewood full of ants, invited the lizards for a visit.’ The executive members subscribed for the insubordination and they got a fair share of it, so I have no problem with it. 
3. About your proposal for an IQ test to be added in the list of requirements for contesting the election, I totally disagree with you on that because, that is just giving the management all the mechanisms they need in being the major actors in determining ‘who gets what’ in the school student’s politics. My proposal on this is that, the students should be made the total determinants in whom govern the activities of the students. By this, the educational requirements of the prospective contestants should be scrapped and the students electoral body will be made to publish the academic result (whether N.D or previous semester’s results) of the prospective contestants and the students will decide on whom to go for them (whether the one with higher or lower grades). 
For more clarifications on the third points, don’t hesitate to let me know.

4. In the seizure of the maze,  though other arms of government should be blamed for doing little or nothing to retrieve the maze back, the quantum of the blame should go to the members of the parliament for leaving what they should do just to pursue a shadow. It was evident to everyone in the union, the parliament inclusive, that what the Directorate want to do by the motive of the seizure of the maize is to crumple the activities of the union. And instead of the parliament whose maze was seized to approach some higher authorities, they rather chose to be meeting the same person that seized their symbol of authority just to actualize his desire. Though DSA is one of the major actors in the school management board, I still believe that he is still answerable to some offices in the league of management board. And the parliament together with the other arms of government never thought it wise to take their ordeal to those offices so that the matter will be ironed out there. 
5. Indeed, there’s every need to reduce the number of union officials and the allowances of some union members, so as to cut cost, which will in return, be channeled towards embarking in some meaningful projects. The large number of people in the parliament has created room for mediocre in the arm, leaving few people in doing the job that over 40 members were gathered for. If Anambra as a state can operate a legislative arm with a total number of 30 honorables, then I don’t see the reason for Oko as an institution to operate a legislative arm of government that has a total number of 48 honorables as its members. In the Judiciary arm, an unbiased mind can rightly say that over the years, the two court systems being operational in the institution, though has been helpful in some circumstances, is not relevant in an administration that have barely 10 months in its lifespan. And as such, scrapping the two court systems in place of a single court system will be healthy for the institution if dividends of governance/democracy is to be given to the innocent students. 
6. Finally, I may currently not be in possession of the right words to appreciate you in your citations of my name with such palatable credits you gave to me, but am really grateful to you for finding me worthy to be acknowledged in your book. 
Seriously, the aluta spirit has been broken and the need now is to mend it. 

What do you think about Broken?

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