Revive Africa Initiative is a Pan African progressive movement for the revival, sustenance and development of Africa through systematic sensitization, reorientation, mentorship and massive campaigns against corruption and bad leadership and advocacy for peace, unity and defense of our unique African heritage.

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This is founded to address the leadership shot-comings of current African leaders, and raise visionary young and emerging leaders through mentorship to challenge the statuesquo and take responsibility for the reformation of Africa through purposeful, visionary and people oriented leadership.



To build an egalitarian, corrupt free and purpose driven Africa, based on the principles of Love, Equity, Justice, Peace and unity.



  • To raise visionary young leaders with uncompromising sense of integrity, patriotism and sincerity of purpose to take up the responsibility of leadership and turn around the fortunes of Africa
  • To build an indivisible, independent and highly competitive continent by setting an agenda for the African People, maximizing and jealously guiding our rich cultural heritage/resources.
  • To raise awareness on the need to empower our teaming population/workforce with requisite knowledge and skill that will enable self-reliance.
  • To lead campaigns for the education of rural people and advocacy for education reforms across the continent.
  • To raise a generation of Africans with high sense of integrity, responsibility and patriotism who will continually confront corruption, bad leadership, colonialism and always propagate the message of peace, across Africa.
  • To advocate for the inclusion, integration and empowerment of the physically challenged, indigent and less privileged in our society through humanitarian endeavors.




Bad Leadership is one identified factor militating against significant growth and development of Africa. The situations in Africa at the moment are opportunists that find themselves in positions of leadership through either loyalty to some powerful forces, nepotism and sometimes by capitalizing on the ignorance of the masses.

What we currently have in Africa are leaders who lack vision, sincerity of purpose and sense of integrity hence this initiative is particularly interested in setting up leadership mentorship platforms to train and retrain young Africans on the principles of ideal, selfless and purpose driven leadership and empower them to take over the leadership at various levels across Africa and turn our fortunes around.


Corruption has eaten deeply into the fabrics of our continent to the extent that the masses are beginning to adapt to corrupt practices and corruption as normal phenomena or a way of life, an average citizen in their own levels and little ways are involved in corruption. Market men and women are involved in cutting corners, evading tax, unnecessary hike of prices of commodities and deceiving customers to buy inferior products with pretense that they are original and betraying trust. Civil servants are heavily involved in fraud, aiding politicians to loot, taking of bribes, compromising the system and jumping work schedules, our youths are fully involved in internet scam, swindling citizens of international community, betraying trust and making them loose confidence in our people, armed forces and military officers are grossly involved in corruption too.

Government officials on their part are looting public funds, abusing power, disregarding our constitutions and laws of the land. If we as a people do not take intentional and proactive step to nib it in the bud, then this cancer called corruption will destroy us sooner than expected.
It is on the above reasons that the initiative has identified campaigns and awareness against corruption as a panacea for Africa’s Revival.


In seeking to expand educational opportunity and to reduce the illiteracy level in Africa, the initiative supports projects which:
Promote and support programs that will improve access to quality education at the rural areas
Provide training in early childhood development and education for parents and caregivers
Improve learning for at-risk students through innovative programs and curriculum
Help prepare under –resourced high school students to enter college or the workforce.
Provide low income adults the prospects of obtaining further education and credentials


Despite our unique environments and resources, Africa is a victim of under development and infrastructural decadence. The initiative engages in societal development advocacy across Africa by building a network of advocates who identifies areas of needs in terms of development and engages the government by any lawful means possible to ensure sustainable development. We also consider projects such as:

Educate families on environmental sustainable practices and promote skills and behaviors that will preserve the health of our environment
Educate school children, youths and adults about protecting the rights and values of their societies


One of the greatest challenges of Africa is unemployment, statistics has shown that over 60% of the African population is unemployed, and Africa has the highest number of youthful workforce in the world. This situation is going to grow worst with time if we do not take deliberate steps in addressing it because our population is still growing. We are addressing this in the direction of innovations, creative thinking, talent development, skill development and productivity based initiatives. We strive to create opportunities that will not only create jobs but provide platforms for more jobs. When you employ a staff, you have succeeded in taking just one person off the street, but when you create platforms for people to develop their potentials and lead innovations, you will succeed in creating platforms that will meaningfully engage millions of youths. This is the Direction we intend to move.


Our focus in this regard is to provide legal aides for victims of oppression, intimidation and victimization. Help release unlawfully detained and overdue prison remand victims and as well reintegrate them into the society.

Our approach to philanthropy strives to improve lives and prospects of Africans by tackling large public problems, such as education, social welfare, humanitarian services, care giving, advocacy and defense of human rights. We develop ideas for solutions and give grants to organizations to help them put the ideas to the test.

Equally important, we fund independent research about our works and then share it widely to inform policy makers and others in the position to make beneficial change.

Through our websites, publications, conferences and other means, we tell decision makers and the larger African community what we are learning and encourage them to use to use the most promising ideas.

We support innovative ideas and share lessons from them that can help institutions, governments and nonprofit organizations to expand opportunities.
The money we have is minuscule compared to the public sectors we are trying to influence, we believe our approach stretches, giving us an impact far greater than the sum of our individual grants.


  • Groups and forums( volunteers, membership, promoters and sponsors)
  • Online community (web media, interactive website and cross platform mobile applications)
  • Community development programs and projects Advocacy


  • Strengthen democratic values
  • Foster peace, unity and sustainable development
  • Promote international cooperation within Africa
  • Reduce poverty and injustice
  • Advance human achievements
  • Eliminate corruption
  • Mentor leaders
  • Defense of civil and human rights
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AMB. COMR. UGAGAOGHENE OGHENEYOLE N. hails from Owhelogbo in Isoko north Lga and a frontline Aspirant for Delta state house of assembly under the platform of social democratic party, he is a graduate of mechanical engineering (production option) upper credit division, from the prestigious federal Polytechnic Nekede, Imo state.

He is a successful business man, astute human right and ideal society activist. HE is the CEO: yollines concepts and voice of the streets magazine, also he the founder and Director General(operations) of Revive Africa Initiative, he was also the Pioneer President General of southern Nigeria youth congress where he is still serving as a member of board of trustees, he was a former acting National President, Former national vice President and former chapter president of National Association of Delta state students Nadesstu. He is a Senior member of Man o’ War Nigeria with a citizenship and leadership training certificate from hill top stop school Age I Enugu state.

Amb. Ugagaoghene has lived almost all his life advocating for human right and sustainable societal development. HE is also a public speaker and youth mentor.

He is happily married to Mrs. Celine Ugagaoghene and enjoys a very happy home.

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