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I bring felicitation of goodwill and solidarity on behalf of the entire board of directors and volunteers of the Revive Africa Initiative family in this season of yuletide.

I give profound thanks to God Almighty, first for keeping us alive to see a new year and secondly for all we were able to achieve by his grace in 2019.

As we step into the new year, I wish us above all things long life and prosperity in good health and peace of mind in the name of the Lord.

As schools resume this January, I encourage every volunteer, stakeholder and follower of Revive Africa Initiative to look out for a child around you who is unable to go to school and return at least one child to school. If you can afford to sustain your child in school this year, you can also afford to assist one child in your area back to school.

It doesn’t have to be a private school, a government school is just fine.

The child we refuse to help today may turn out to be that very notorious criminal in the neighborhood that will terrorize your peace in the future.

My biggest message to Africans this year’s is that, if every African living in Africa whether rich or poor will endeavor to take action to make their space and society better than it currently is, no matter how small, Africa will be a paradise.

Nobody, not even the government can build a society you desire without your input.

So in 2020, ask yourself, what can I do to make my immediate society better?

What is the need here?

It could be environmental sanitation, need for portable water supply, needs for a library, sex education, right Advocacy, access to education and health care, inequality and injustice et al.

That little input of yours is what the world needs to be a better place.

Rise up today, let us build a greater Africa together.

Let us Revive Africa

Happy New year

Yours in service
Amb. Ugagaoghene Ogheneyole N.
DG: Revive Africa Initiative

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