#SaturdayElection: Showdown in the Heartland

It will not take a soothsayer to see that the 2019 Imo gubernatorial election will be a fiercely contested one. As a matter of fact, it can be said to be one that will be most fiercely contested in Nigeria. This is because of the presence of serious contenders for the top job in the state. On this article, I will be highlighting the players in the gubernatorial polls and their strong points.

Imo Governorship Election

Sen. Hope Uzodinma (APC):
Sen. Hope Uzodinma before now was a staunch member of the PDP having being elected to represent Orlu zone in the Senate more than once on the platform of the PDP. It came to some as a shocker when he defected to the rulling APC inorder to contest the party’s gubernatorial ticket with the incumbent governor’s anointed candidate and son inlaw Uche Nwosu. Having come out of that battle victorious, (which subsequently forced Uche to another party) the Senator will be banking on his popularity as the man who was brave enough to stand against Rochas Okorocha and won. He will also be relying on his very strong Federal support to get him the top job in the state. Time will tell if these factors will be enough to get him the required votes.

Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha (PDP)
The former deputy speaker of the House of Representatives is the man to beat in this governorship election having lost narrowly to Rochas in the last one. Ihedioha will also be counting on the goodwill of Imolites to vote him into power as he is from the marginalized Owerri zone which most belive that it is their time to produce the next governor.

Uche Nwosu (AA)
The son inlaw of incumbent governor of Imo state Rochas Okorocha is one that is relatively new to politics but is in no way naive. Having being muscled out of the APC ticket by Uzodinma, the Imo chief of state will be trying his luck for the top spot under the AA party. Though the party is relatively unknown, the amount of financial backing this young governorship aspirant is getting (some say from the state purse). I won’t be surprised if he wins the poll not withstanding his party. Uche Nwosu will also be counting on the “Rocha’s factor” to help him deliver the votes.

Sen. Ifeanyi Ararume (APGA)
Although this is not the first he is coming out for the post of the governor, most people still don’t see him as a serious contender. He is perceived by more than a few persons as one who only comes to upset the political balance, collect money and wait for another four years again. The problems with his party in anambra state will not also do his course any good. Anyways, Let’s see if this year will be a different ball game for the seasoned senator.

The 2019 election has seen relatively smaller party come into their own. Although, their is no realistic chance of them winning any major election but they have shown that they can cause some major upsets especially when they have strong candidates like the YPP’s Linus Okorie and the rest.

Something tells me that Emeka Ihedioha might just narrowly clinch it if there is no re-run but if there is re-run as was the case in the last election then Uche Nwosu will win the polls.
Emeka Ihedioha : 70% to win
Uche Nwosu: 65% to win
Hope Uzodinma: 60% to win
Ifeanyi Ararume : 35% to win
Despite the prediction above, one must also consider that in this country anything can happen. If places like borno, yobe and the rest that has been suffering from violence for years now can “magically” turn out numbers that gave our able Presido his win, then one can be rest assured that anything is definitely possible. Just like FALZ said in one of his songs “This is Nigeria, Everybody be criminal”.

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