State Policing

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Most countries of the world do not have central police system as we are operating in Nigeria. For example, USA, the Sheriffs are always in the different cities. This police operating in their different cities aid easy fight of crime.

It is a fact that when security is brought near to a locality, with personnel’s from the same locality, they can easily track crime. Because they know the nooks and crannies of the location. For example, if the Nigeria government adopt state policy, a place like Niger Delta region will not have militants;the reasons is because tracking them will be easier. Since it is still Niger Deltans who know the terrains of the creek that will be used as police personnel. In this way, crime and criminology will be at its minimum.

The fears of state government using them to witch hunt their political detractors are well funded. But no system or operation is 100% perfect. Even the central police system we are practicing are they not used for personal interest? The fact remains that the advantages of state policing out weighs their fears and is advocated for.

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