Success is merely a game of persistence

By Babatunde Ibukun

One of the most painful and frustrating thing in the universe is waiting for your day of manifestation , to endure the pains of process , so many times we get weary on the journey to success and majority give up before delivery , they can’t endure to the final stage of execution where their dreams come to fruition.

Well , I quite understand its a tough thing to travail , only men of strong vision and sight hold on to the end.
So many times, my circumstances whispers to me and tell me why I can’t touch my destination, and I could have as well settled for less but what about the Millions of souls that will perish without my light.

Life bends us, squeezes us and juices us like an orange and gives us every reason why we can’t touch our destination, I know we all have reasons to step back now , I do also , yes its tough and difficult and at times , I feel it doesn’t worth all these sacrifices , just yesterday I still thought I wasn’t called for this, maybe God didn’t send me this .

Every great man has a story, they have lamentations in their early days, there were times they cried a lot and it is as if their entire world was crumbling before them , they cried to God to open doors but no one answered, life was busy testing their appetite , how badly do they want it.

This is my unflinching conclusion and conviction , if life bends us 10 times , we are too determined and stubborn, so we rebounce 21 times , even If the world thinks we are insane , yes we are , and even If they think we are extremists , yes we are , but we are not relenting or giving up on that which we have seen with the eyes of our minds.

Some of us are making our stories already, our strength is being tested and when we rise , the world will give us a stage and we will tell our stories of frustrations and victories , and how we came, saw and conquered.

This is my question to you , will you have a story to tell?
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