The Advent of Leggings

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Just  as change is the only constant phenomenon in the world, it means that everything, including fashion industry has to change as time go on.

In the 20th century most women forbid to wear trousers because of societal and religious reasons.
In 21st century the tide has drastically changed, almost all society now have those that wear trousers, even church. Most churches now allow their congregation to wear trousers to their Sunday services.
It use to be Jeans or plain trouser, but a new development in fashion has given birth to leggings.
What could have led to massive embrace to leggings amongst women gender may be because of this word sexiness and attraction.
But one could be dismayed with the extent some girls can to attract attention. Some girl’s leggings expose everything especially their inner wears.
This therefore needs to be considered by girls when selecting the kind of leggings to put on not only for private decency but as well for public decency.
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