The irrelevance of Junior Secondary School Exam: A clarion call to scrapple JSCE

I have always asked myself, why this JSCE? Why task parents and guardians to pay for their wardens exam bills that has little or no impact to their lives? What is the essence of JSCE?

What is JSCE?

Before we proceed, it is of paramount importance that we understand what JSCE is all about .

According to Toscany Academy,  Junior WAEC examination (JSCE) in Nigeria is one of the examinations conducted by West African Examination Council. Junior WAEC examination dates back since era of secondary education in Nigeria and it is an examination conducted for students in their last year of junior secondary who wish to continue their first year in senior secondary in state public secondary schools and technical schools in Nigeria.

I recall how my mum had to struggle in 2007 to pay for I and my twin sister’s JSCE fees. It was never easy for her as a single parent.  But she has to pay it because it’s what the educational system demands and being educational enthusiasm, she can’t allow us drop out of school. She did better starve herself to pay any bill once it has to do with our education.

But is JSCE really  worth  it? Is there any job qualification with JSCE? Does it mean that junior WAEC is useless?

Frankly speaking, I don’t really know the importance of JSCE nowadays. As a JSS2 student in 2006, I was made to understand that once one sits and passes JSCE, it’s a gateway to the SSS class. But you will agree with me that whether one passes or fails, he/she proceeds to the senior level, so of what importance is the exam then? Your guest is as good as mine.

The federal ministry of education should reconsider JSCE and give it value or scrapple it from the educational system since it has no value.

What do you think about JSCE?

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