The Nigeria of our dream

Every Nigerian who travels out will always tell got some positive stories to tell about the country.
In Nigeria, the reverse is the case. Nigerians who behaved in accordance with the laws of those lands , will come back and disobey traffic light rules. While they are driving at most 60km/hr in their visited countries. In Nigeria they will drive at least 100km/hr , not even minding the bad roads. Instead of imitating and living out those good things they saw in other countries, they join back the Nigerian system . This act needs to be changed.od of how the country he travelled to is. Those who travelled to USA, France, UK,Canada, China,Japan, Brazil, India and many other countries would not stop narrating how their roads, are well tied ,how their electricity is 24/7, water system ,security, strong institution, orderly behavior of citizen  and lots more.
What of our politicians who always visit the Western countries for one reason or the other and most times to dump their looted public funds. How many Western leaders have bank account in Nigeria?
Even tourism, how many of them come to Nigeria? By now Nigerians and politicians ought to have a behavioural change. Don’t take our country’s fund again into those lands, use them to develop our land.
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