The potential dangers of the banning of guns and revoking of licenses by President Buhari

A government that has failed in protecting its citizens is also now against its citizens being empowered to protect itself.

The reasonable thing to do would have been to tighten gun license regulations, if the government believes it is being abused. The purpose of gun licenses is so that the owner of the gun can always be traced when necessary especially in cases where the gun was used to commit a crime.

However, terrorists and criminals who commit murderous crimes do not license their guns, so banning guns does not in any way discourage them from their crimes. They already knew killing was a crime and yet they still engaged in it, so banning of guns and revoking licenses will in no way discourage them from committing such crimes.

Owning a gun should not be a crime, as long as it is being used for legally acceptable reasons. Do we as Nigerians still have a right in our Constitution to protect ourselves? Do we still have a right as Nigerians to engage in hunting? If you ban guns, you have also inadvertently banned the hunting profession.

Even in the most advanced and secure climes, firearms are only being regulated and never banned entirely. Banning of guns and revoking of gun licenses will only do more harm than good and for the good of our country we must speak out against it. Irrespective of our tribe, political affiliation or religion, we must stand for what is right. Nigerians, the good of your country must always come first!

Amazuo Ugboaja

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