His ex-girlfriend suddenly shows up at his doorstep after she was unable to reach him on phone due to a flat battery.

When he heard the knock on the door, he was surprised to see her but he couldn’t keep her outside or send her away so he invited her in. Just wearing only his navy-blue coloured boxers, revealing his toned physique; with his broad shoulders, muscular bare chest and sexy six pacs, ooking so conspicuous. He pondered whether or not to put on his shirt, but felt that since she had seen him naked many times in the past (when they were still dating), that it will seem as if he is feeling uncomfortable with her presence, if he should put on a shirt.

After catching up on old times and reliving some old memories, she started moving closer to him, touching him seductively from time to time as they continued to chat. He wanted to stop her but did not want to appear impolite. This continued until he got very hard.

He thought about telling her he was now in a “serious” relationship, but he did not want it to seem as if he was throwing it at her face, when it’s just a harmful touching exercise going on; or so he thought…As the foreplay progresse she asked to use the bathroom. When she returned she was wearing just her bra and panties, revealing her hourglass figure; with her curvaceous extra-large hips and watermelon sized boobs, looking even sexier than he had remembered it to be.

Perhaps the few minutes break gave him time to properly assess the situation, because for the first time, he suddenly realized that she was horny and meant “business”. Before he could say a word, she has planted a deep, passionate kiss on his lips, unbuckling her bra simultaneously. As the ” gentleman” he is, he did not want to be rude, so he tried to play along.

He started caressing her succulent breasts and sucking on her thick erected nipples. She moaned invitingly….He pulled her down to the floor of the nicely rugged sitting room floor and progressed to finger her. In his mind, he felt that fingering her at that point, may cure her sexual urge, as she used to even enjoy it more when being fingered than actual penetrative sex. However, the more he did it the more she loved it and the more she wanted it more and more, as she moaned and moaned continually…

But he wanted to keep penetrative sex out of the equation, so that he won’t feel like he is cheating on his new girlfriend. He will attempt to stop her any moment she tries to touch his dck…but being so hard made this more difficult…after a while he gave in and allowed her to caress his dk, whilst still wearing the boxers, and then she grew bolder and finally took it off, so that he was now completely naked…Then she took the step of giving him a blowjob and he responded “Linda, stop this please…” but his protests were a bit weak and fell on deaf ears…then suddenly she moaned like a woman possessed, and grabbed his erect 10 inch long cck and placed it inside her py and it seemed to fit so tightly…She now started to rotate her hips like a helicopter propeller, as she rode him like a horse. “Tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnddddddaaaaayyy! Aaaahhh!! I miss this sweet ck like crazy. You’re the best baby! Please fck me hard baby!!” She said as she started to bounce up and down his dk like kids on a bouncing castle balloon.

He again wanted to stop her but was too weak to respond quickly enough and also because what she was doing felt so good physically and emotionally. Suddenly his body was “turning on its own” and next thing he found himself, placing his hands on her full and round boobs that seemed to be begging for his touch…He felt trapped as his dk developed a mind of its own suddenly and started banging her so furiously even without him giving it the order to do so…After 10 minutes of heavy and continual pounding, he reached the climax point, as he was roaring like a lion and shot an incredibly thick amount of semen into her raw psy….

He has now slept with a lady he no longer loves and feels guilty about the whole act. Did he do bad or was he only being a perfect gentleman?

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