I recognise the powers that be respectively. Let it be known,I write not to incite any negativity but to air my humble view but before I start, I would like to commend our SUG led by Giant Comr.Okechukwu for organizing such forum for students voice to be held. This is the first of it’s kind. More Grace! And also I want to officially welcome our new Rector in the person of Dr.Ejike Mbaonu, sir the entire polytechnic community chant ‘Warm Welcome’.
Dear reader, please permit me to take you down the memory lane a bit on how CBT came about in FPO. The institution which is today known as Digital Polytechnic attained this fit in 2012 under the rectorship of Dr.Godwin Onu and since then has been a pace setter to other polytechnics across the nation which are striving to attain the fit at which FPO has reached. CBT came in at a point when sorting,delay in result processing,injustice towards handling exam malpractice offenses and other vices were at it’s peak and was able to remedy such menace and sanity was restored in the polytechnic.
With the above introductory background of how CBT came about though not comprehensive due to space factor,you can agree with me that CBT is the savior of our polytechnic. Strange? No! CBT helped to curbed exams malpractice and not only that but also lecturers induced carry over with ‘SORTING’ at it’s minimum level. With 30-40 marks at lecturer’s disposal sorting can be erased completely in our polytechnic.
Furthermore, CBT helped to fastened our result processing and make it to be void of uttering because the results are online already and cannot be tempered with.
Conclusively, CBT is the best exam option considering our population rate. What I can advocate for is ‘MORE CBT CENTRES’. Going back to PPT system of examination could be a slap and step backward in our technological achievements. Remember we are in jet age where everything have gone electronic.
I am Justice Winner (Esquire). I will be waiting for the day you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of  grace to run this race.
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