WATCH WHAT YOU SING!-Amazuo Ugboajah

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Not every so-called gospel song is a a good song. Sometimes people compose gospel songs that don’t really glory God but we sing it because everybody else is singing it, without even thinking about it. For example this popular song:

“Ancient of days, as old as you…as old as you are…you will never change…”

Yes our God is the Ancient of days but He is not OLD. Anybody who is old must have an “age”. So you calling him “old”, what is His age? Even Jesus did not die old in the flesh and He is not just the son of God but God.

The ideology that God looks like an old man with old grey beards touching the ground is as a result of man trying to reason God with their senses. The Bible said Good created man in his image. This means that the first Adam looked exactly like God. The first Adam is no more, but if you wanna know what God looks like, look at the second Adam which is Christ. Jesus said “if you have seen me, you have seen the Father”. Furthermore, there is no age in the realm of the spirit. God is not a human being but a spirit.
Our God is “ageless”. He has no beginning and has no end. He has no boundaries and no limitations.

To make matters worse, the expression “as old as you are” is a mockery phrase. If I say to you “as old as you are” would you feel like I am praising you or mocking you? Would that expression lift your spirit? If no, then why do you think God would be impressed or moved positively when you tell him the same?

Just because everybody is singing a song does not make it good. Brothers and sisters let us watch what we sing and examine the lyrics to make sure they are in line with the word of God, so that we do not bring condemnation upon ourselves.

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