What not to say before a kiss

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Your boyfriend and you are in that magical moment. You are looking into each others’ eyes and know what’s going to happen next. The anticipation of the kissing is killing you. Just when you get real close, your boyfriend pulls your cheeks and goes, ‘oh, so chubby!’ and this ruins it for the both of you.

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Kissing is a very intimate act, more so than sexual intercourse. Both partners need to be in the right mood and frame of mind, should know what not to do and what not to say.

Here are a few things you and your partner definitely shouldn’t bring up before a kiss:

Don’t talk about body odor when kissing

Personal hygiene is well very important no matter how attracted you are to your partner. It is only mandatory that both of you keep this in mind at all times so there are no ‘awkward moments.’ It is only unwanted to pin-point at each other’s body odor or back out because you can’t take it.

Ditch the ‘ex’ topic

By no means should you get into deep discussions about your past and previous relationship. You are going to be at a loss and risk of losing what you have if you end up comparing your current partner with your ex during or before your intimate moments. This may blow things out of proportion, and your partner may start doubting you.

Don’t take it lightly!

To share a pleasant moment with your partner, its important that you respect each other and are polite. Don’t keep making fun of each other’s flaws or pin-pointing the things you don’t like about each other. It can rub you off the wrong way unnecessarily. You should be polite, caring and respect each other. That’s how the moment will mean much more. Also, keep away from cracking silly jokes, don’t just blurt things out without thinking.

Be in the mood!

You would have had a spat with your boss or had to deal with a bad day at work but that doesn’t mean you have an excuse to ruin the moment. If your partner is approaching you, you should ensure that you get out of a bad or rather cranky mood before the ‘moment’. Don’t be mean or snappy especially if your partner is being sensual or flirtatious with you. Your behavior may just spoil the game completely.

Professional discussions – no! no!

You may or may not share a professional space with your partner but don’t act busy or ramble about your work when you sense an intimate moment. It’s such a turn off and it may simply convey that you are not interested.

Avoid tragic talks

If you happen to watch the news and decide to discuss a bad bomb blast, death, murder or anything gory and unpleasant then just maybe you are kicking or delaying your lip lock session. This may also refer to serious life-changing decisions like moving cities. countries or jobs. It is better that you skip such conversations or tackle them right after your kiss. Tragic stories can just crumble down the build up to a romantic move. So if you get the ‘kiss me’ vibe from your partner just save such topics for another time.

No weight issues

No one likes to be insulted about the way they look. The weight issue is one such sensitive topic and you shouldn’t ring the wrong bell. The fact that you are with your partner means that you have accepted them the way they are and that you are attracted to them irrespective of how they look.

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