Why I am confident of making an impact with the short period of time. –SirCharles

Leadership you see is not a measure of time. Its a measure of preparation, the great philosophers will say. Give me six hours to cut a tree and I will use the first four (4) hours to sharpen my axe. This really defines the value of preparation.

In relation to this on our SUG election and the shot time frame of the government. I don’t really feel it will change anything in respect to the fact that, government is a continues process.

I am really prepared mentally and physical to Get SUG working Again. That is the main reason i stayed back to do my Industrial Training around the school, I stay back even when others choose to leave and make money. I said to my self. You most get ready for the task ahead, to put smiles on the face of these students again. I think all I have for Oko students were things I experienced myself.

I made research on them and I asked questions. I have with time Map out the blue print to consolidate on the things we achieved in office when I was director of transport, we gave Pam site students free transportation during our time, every Wednesday. It wasn’t easy but God being with us. We made it happen. The prices of transport was at it lowest values, from Oko to Oko and to ekwulobia and to Ufuma. Those things can be achieved again.

Time won’t change that. I am already experience in that area, so you see we are ready to make SUG work Again and to add more life to the running of this noble institution.

As Formal Director of transport, I think that journey into SUG helped me a lot. I learnt the system from direct view, from the process of meeting, to budget preparation, to assessment plans, to Management Negotiations on issues affecting students and so many I won’t want to mention.

These things helped me a lot. Also from the experience of having served during our National diploma days, I was close to at least four SUG presidents, even those who served well and those who did not. I learnt from them all. I think getting the ball rolling won’t be an issue.

All I am certain is that, for those things we can achieve; We will. and for those we can’t, we will set the stepping stones for the younger leaders to continue from there. I am certain and I want to assure you that. If we get there. We will surely Put smiles on your faces.

If time can measure leadership. Many formal presidents won’t be answering that name till today. Students should know the difference. Finally if you look at my fans and supporters, They remain unshaking to our plans. They are those who have meet me and asked me questions on how to tackle issues. They see how ready we are to give you reason to smile again.

Believe me Oko SUG will work again. Join me let’s make it happen.


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